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March 16 Communication

March 16, 2020 @ 9:16 a.m.

To all TSTC employees via email & TSTC Portal

Dear TSTC Teammates-
The outbreak of COVID-19 is filled with unpredictability. This volatility means it’s impossible to create an exact roadmap containing every possible detail on how and when TSTC is going to react. Instead, we must study the recommendations of the health experts and create an appropriate response during each stage of this constantly changing situation.
Though these COVID-19 circumstances prevent a definitive long-term plan, we can share the overarching priorities and principles that will guide each step we take. 
In all we do regarding COVID-19, our top priorities will be:
First, we’ll do all we can to safeguard the health and safety of our students and our employees. This top priority will always be the first consideration in every action.
Next, we’ll do what we can to slow the pace of the virus for the benefit of the communities in which we live.
Then, while staying mindful of the first two priorities, we’ll strive to fulfill our mission. In the near term we’ll do all we can to help students finish the current semester. Longer term, we’ll take appropriate steps toward providing a “pathway of progress” so students can maintain a reasonable pace toward completion during the balance of the year.
Finally, we’ll take all reasonable opportunities to protect the financial well-being of our employees and students. 
Every step we take in the weeks and months ahead will be designed to stay true to these fundamental standards. In a perfect world, we would fulfill all these principles with every action. However, should they become mutually exclusive, we’ll work to comply with them in priority order.
Members of your leadership team have been meeting daily to study the constantly-evolving COVID-19 situation and to craft the right actions toward addressing it. We’ll keep you in the loop through each step in the process.
I hope you find our principles-based approach encouraging during these times of unpredictability.
With Care,

Mike Reeser

Chancellor & CEO
Texas State Technical College 3801 Campus Drive Waco, Texas 76705 254-799-3611
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