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Students: TSTC’s Most Important Stakeholder

Nick Treveno, Aircraft Powerplant Technology

Nick Treveno Aircraft Powerplant Technology

"We’re taught that we are responsible for people’s lives. We are taught not only to meet FAA standards, but also to exceed them. TSTC goes way beyond making you job-ready. Career Services trained me for job interviews, taught me how to carry myself in a professional manner, and gave me more confidence in front of potential employers. I will take everything I learned at TSTC with me through my life.”

Nick Treviño, 23, is a 2017 graduate from TSTC in Harlingen in Aircraft Airframe Technology and a 2018 graduate in Aircraft Powerplant Technology.

Texas State Technical College’s commitment to students and their success is embedded in the College’s culture. Because TSTC’s Returned-Value Formula is based upon the employment success of students after they leave TSTC, all programs and services focus on student readiness for the workforce and quality jobs upon graduation.


That makes TSTC a great choice for students and their families:



TSTC is a low-cost option with total tuition under $12,000 for the majority of two-year programs, meaning less debt for students relying on student loans.


Time in Training

Students finish two years sooner and often make higher salaries than those pursuing a bachelor’s degree, meaning TSTC students’ quality of life improves earlier.

Courtney Sellhorst, Building Construction Technology

Courtney Seelhorst Building Construction

"TSTC is so highly respected because instructors put you in a hands-on environment. I went from not knowing how to do anything to being confident enough to be a project leader in class, and I had a couple job offers before I graduated – all after just one year. TSTC helped me to figure out what I really wanted to do in life.”

Courtney Seelhorst, 27, is a 2018 graduate from TSTC in Waco in Building Construction Technology. She has a bachelor’s degree in Health Science Studies and a master’s degree in Sport Management from Baylor University. Currently, she is a junior superintendent for Galaxy Builders in San Antonio.


Low Risk

Higher education for many families is a hurdle with no guarantee of a job even after a substantial investment of time, effort, and funds. TSTC reduces this risk with its Money-Back Guarantee on five in-demand programs to include Diesel Equipment, Electrical Lineworker, Electrical Power & Controls, Instrumentation, and Welding. It’s simple – Get a Degree, Get a Job, or Get a Refund.


Class size is small to accommodate extensive hands-on training in labs designed to mirror real-world job environments. TSTC’s goal is to provide the most in-depth training possible so that students are attractive to employers.


Hunter Warner, Diesel Equipment Technology

Hunter Warner Diesel Tech

"School is not my forte. I learn by doing, not reading. Although I did consider other colleges, TSTC stood out because of its hands-on learning. Because of TSTC, I now have the dream of opening up my own diesel mechanics shop. With what I learned at TSTC and the experience I’m gaining at Ag-Pro, I know that it can become reality.”

Hunter Warner, 20, is a 2017 graduate from TSTC in Fort Bend County in Diesel Equipment Technology and a Texan Success Scholarship recipient. He is now a diesel technician with Ag-Pro Companies in Harlingen.


Available High-Wage Jobs

TSTC does ongoing market analysis of its program mix to ensure programs match specific jobs in the current market. Programs that do not translate into jobs for students or that translate into low-paying jobs are eliminated from TSTC’s program lineup.

Placement Rate

TSTC measures its placement rate using data from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) which tracks former students “found working” in Texas. The latest TWC data from 2014–2016 indicates that more than 82 percent of TSTC students are in the Texas workforce.

Jennifer Dickman, Avionics Technology

Jennifer Dickman Avionics

"I was in the Marine Corps for five years, so I already had a technical background. TSTC’s Avionics Program was more in-depth than what I learned with the Marines, so I was able to build upon what I knew. I think TSTC is a great alternative to a traditional school, simply because you get out into the workforce faster. I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to get out there and do what I love. I’ve worked on F-18s – to work on F-35s would be icing on the cake.”

Jennifer Dickman, 25, is a veteran and a 2018 graduate from TSTC in Waco in Avionics Technology. She is currently in the Aviation Maintenance Program studying for a second degree to become an airframe mechanic.


Note: Students who pursue a second degree, work out of state, or open their own businesses are not factored into this average – meaning TSTC’s actual placement rate is slightly higher.

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