FALL 2017

Agricultural Technology
Course Title Credits Type Day Bldg/Room Time Instructor Start Date
AGMG 1400.2001 Agri Policies, Safety & Codes4LECTT/1269:35 AM-11:35 AMN. Mendoza8/28/2017
LABTT/12612:45 PM-4:45 PM8/28/2017
AGMG 1400.2002 Agri Policies, Safety & Codes4LECTHT/1269:35 AM-11:35 AMN. Mendoza8/28/2017
LABTHT/12612:45 PM-4:45 PM8/28/2017
AGAH 1401.2001 Animal Science4LECTTHT/1268:00 AM-9:35 AMS. Gavito8/28/2017
LABTHT/1261:25 PM-5:25 PM8/28/2017
AGAH 1401.2002 Animal Science4LECMWT/12610:35 AM-12:10 PMS. Gavito8/28/2017
LABWT/1261:25 PM-5:25 PM8/28/2017
AGAH 1401.20H1 Animal Science4LECMTWTHFRS1/RS308:30 AM-9:06 AMP. Abrigo8/28/2017
LABMTWTHFRS1/RS309:07 AM-10:10 AM8/28/2017
AGCR 1341.2001 Forage and Pasture Management3LECMT/1268:00 AM-10:00 AMN. Mendoza8/28/2017
LABWT/1269:05 AM-1:15 PM8/28/2017
AGCR 1341.2002 Forage and Pasture Management3LECMT/12610:10 AM-12:10 PMN. Mendoza8/28/2017
LABWT/1261:25 PM-5:35 PM8/28/2017
HALT 2307.2001 Horticultural Food Crops3LECWFT/1268:00 AM-9:00 AMS. Gavito8/28/2017
LABFT/1269:05 AM-1:10 PM8/28/2017
HALT 2307.2002 Horticultural Food Crops3LECTTHT/12610:10 AM-11:05 AMS. Gavito8/28/2017
LABTT/1261:25 PM-5:35 PM8/28/2017
AGMG 1311.2001 Introduction to Agribusiness3LECMT/1261:25 PM-4:25 PMN. Mendoza8/28/2017
AGAH 2413.20H1 Principles of Feeds & Feeding4LECMTWTHFRS1/RS3012:25 PM-1:01 PMP. Abrigo8/28/2017
LABMTWTHFRS1/RS301:02 PM-2:00 PM8/28/2017